Passing of John Turner, ITB Founding Member

This message brings the sad news of the passing of John Turner of American Leathers, and one of the founding members of our Idaho Traditional Bowhunters Club. He suffered from a neurodegenerative disease called progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) and passed quietly in his sleep. Supported by his loving wife, Lori, he “kept his good attitude until the end’ quoting from a post by Nate Steen on the Leather Wall Bowsite. See the full tribute by Nate on the LeatherWall Traditional Archery Discussion Forum here.

He was a special human being and will be missed by many. Prayers for the Turner family.

Boise River WMA Archery Range Set-Up

Hello All, below is a message from the Boise area Fish and Game about the Archery range setup happening April 28, Friday afternoon. Any of you who can join in this work service project will be appreciated.

Hey Everyone,

Its that time of year again. I hope everyone has enjoyed the winter and spring. I have decided to set the archery range up on Friday the 28th. The plan is to meet around 3:00pm until 8:00pm. I will likely be there earlier than that so if you are able to come earlier that would be great.

I also wanted to mention that we may have road construction happening. Spiers Construction has scheduled to start construction on Monday the 24th so it is possible that the weather could delay them from completing prior to Friday setup. If that is the case please be aware of heavy equipment when traveling up Highland Valley Road. They will be placing ¾ chip from the range to Highway 21 as well as recontouring some areas to help with run off. Hopefully this will help with the mud in areas and allow us to keep the road open.

If possible could you let me know approximately how many of your members will be attending. I have also attached the volunteer service agreement for those that haven’t filled one out. I will have copies of these at the range as well.

Hope to see you on April 28th,

Club Invitation
Volunteer Application Service Agreement

Casey Mitchell
Senior Wildlife Technician
Idaho Department of Fish and Game
Boise River WMA
13000 East SH-21
Boise, ID 83716

UPDATE: Bow Birds & Highway 55 Clean-Up

Dear Members;  On April 29, 2023, Saturday, we had a beautiful sunny day to accomplish the litter pickup on Highway 55, milepost 72-74. We had a good turnout of willing workers of all ages and collected 20 bags of trash in just over 2 hours. After the pickup we returned the highway signs and vests and drove to a new Bowbirds site on the top of Horseshoe Bend Hill down Pearl Road about 2 miles. Dave Parks had the barbecue going and was cooking burgers and hot dogs for the hungry crew. We pitched a shade tent and relaxed for a few minutes before the Blue discs were flying and the line of archers flinging flu flu arrows formed in the pasture. We shot until our arms were tired and there were many good hits on the moving targets. It was a beautiful time of service and fun!


Fallen Archers Shoot Recap

The fallen archers shoot was held at blacks bridge, New Plymouth on March 11th,2023.  We had 57 shooters and weather was just about perfect for this time of year.  The set up the day before was a done with the wind blowing pretty good. All who helped set the shoot up thank you very much! Thanks to Dave Hall and Don Schroeder for bringing their side by sides out to help with set up. And Dave Hall for bringing out the target trailer.  Janet and Bill Houlihan stayed the night to guard the trailer and targets.  Thank you so much!  The shoot was a great success and everyone enjoyed the day.

The kid’s competition winners were.
(check out our gallery/instagram for more event photos)

Pee wees
1st place Finley McDaniel -135
2nd place Alister Martin -117

1st. Landon Carman -153
2nd John Christian-142
3rd place Barrett Garner-133

1st place Quinn Carman-165
2nd place Wyatt Garner-130

WE had a brief club meeting at 12:30 P.M.  Thanks to all who all stayed after and help take down the course.  Janet’s son Casey Cogan provided chili.   It was great.  WE were done and out of there around 4:30 P.M. 

Respectfully Submitted


Lisa Hall

Fallen Archers: Reminder

Hello Members, Families and Friends!  A reminder that this coming Saturday, March 11, we will be gathering in New Plymouth at the  Blacks’ Bridge Sportsman access for our Fallen Archers/Cabin Fever Shoot. It’s a wonderful time for family fun in a beautiful setting, so we hope you can make it. Dress for mud puddles and possible rain, but hope for clear skies! Shooting starts at 9:30 am and runs until 4:30pm. The kids can be entered into a friendly competition by turning in shoot cards before 2 pm, and medals will be presented at 2:30 pm. We are having a short member meeting at noon to introduce new officers and thank retiring ones, as well as voting on some club issues, so please join us for that! Meeting Agenda.

Volunteers are needed to help set up targets on Friday, March 10 starting at 1pm. We are also in need of an ATV and small trailer to haul the 3D targets to the shoot spots around the field, so if you can help with this please give me a call at 208-630-4304. We’re looking forward to seeing you and appreciate your participation! 

Fallen Archers Shoot: Your Vote Counts

It is with gratitude and happiness that I take the reins from Alex, our past President, and promise to do my best to drive the club forward as your new president in the coming year.  I look forward to serving the Traditional Bowhunter community and deeply appreciate your continued support. 

The upcoming shoot in New Plymouth will be an opportunity to shape the direction of the club with a member vote on 3 issues.

The 3 issues the club will be voting on at the Fallen Archers Shoot March 11 are:

     1. The date for the NMTR shoot (7/21-23) conflicts with the NALS shoot in Canada (also 7/21-23). Do we want to change the date of the NMTR shoot to an earlier date, June 30-July 2, 2023 or leave it where it’s scheduled?

     2. Do we want to participate in a 3 state combined banquet with Oregon, Washington, and Idaho next March 2024 in Pendleton, Oregon?

     3. Do we want to explore the possibility for another location for WSTR 2024 since we will be the hosts next year? Should we keep it at the New Meadows location or find another spot?

Be thinking about these issues before the vote on March 11 at Fallen Archers

Thank You!  Janet Houlihan

2023 Banquet Registration

We’re just two weeks away from our Traditional Day and Banquet! The registrations are starting to roll in, but I want to remind everyone to get your registration in this coming week. The 5th of February is the deadline to get registered for dinner.

If you aren’t coming to enjoy the delicious dinner from Grubbin’ BBQ with guest speaker Brian Koelzer, you’re missing out, but the rest of Traditional Day does not require pre-registration. Be sure to bring your family and friends to check out the vendors, bowyers and seminars. Everything but dinner and raffles is free and open to the public. Membership encouraged, but not required.

See you all there!

Alex Martin

President-Idaho Traditional Bowhunters