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Welcome to the online home of the Idaho Traditional Bowhunters. Here you can find the most up-to-date information about us, and learn how to join the growing number of hunters who choose to hunt with traditional equipment.



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Bow Birds & Highway 55 Clean-Up


UPDATE: Bow Birds & Highway 55 Clean-Up

Dear Members;  Winter seems to have a tight grip on our Bowbirds shoot site. Dave Parks took a drive up to the area today and found thick ice, snow, and deep pockets of icy water where cattle have trekked in the sticky mud. There is no reasonable hope it will be dry and usable by next weekend.…

Fallen Archers Shoot Recap

The fallen archers shoot was held at blacks bridge, New Plymouth on March 11th,2023.  We had 57 shooters and weather was just about perfect for this time of year.  The set up the day before was a done with the wind blowing pretty good. All who helped set the shoot up thank you very much! Thanks…

Fallen Archers: Reminder

Hello Members, Families and Friends!  A reminder that this coming Saturday, March 11, we will be gathering in New Plymouth at the  Blacks’ Bridge Sportsman access for our Fallen Archers/Cabin Fever Shoot. It’s a wonderful time for family fun in a beautiful setting, so we hope you can make it. Dress for mud puddles and…

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