New Meadows Traditional Rendezvous 2023

Hello ITB members!  Although the number of participants was down from years past, the rendezvous was great for those of us who were there. Having our shoot earlier in the summer proved to be wonderful for camping and shooting, as temperatures were much cooler and the bugs were almost non-existent. A strong and willing crew showed up to set targets on Thursday and Friday; thanks to Dave and Lisa Hall, Jack Wassard, Darel Robinson, Ralph Grieninger, John Warford, Richard and Sandy White, Clint Belyea, and Janet Houlihan (hope I didn’t forget anyone!). Don, James and Kevin Schroeder set up the Bowhunter Challenge course using the same targets as our regular course but with different stakes placed in more challenging positions, with a scoring of 10 for vitals, -5 for non-vital foam, and 0 for a miss. 

The shoot was underway starting with a flashlight shoot on Friday night.  The weather dawned on Saturday with beautiful blue skies and puffy white clouds scudding across the meadow. The 40 target Bowhunter Challenge and 40 target Blanket shoot were open starting on Saturday morning, so shooters had plenty of time to shoot both courses before turning in shoot cards on Sunday at noon. The novelty shoots were fun, as usual. A kids competition, a speed shoot, a zipline great potato shoot, and a long distance shoot with a caribou target went well. Awards were given out on Sunday at 1 pm, followed by a raffle, with some great prizes-thanks to those who donated! Then we broke down camps and took down and loaded the targets. Thanks to those of you who stayed for that process, we appreciate your effort!

Awards were as follows:

Kids Competition:
Wyatt Garner, Wyatt (Hall), Wyatt Floyd, Berkeley (Hall), Leo Meachum & Barrett Garner.

Flashlight Shoot:
Richard White

Speed Shoot:
Dave Hall

Great Potato Shoot:
Clint Belyea

Long Distance Shoot:
Adam Floyd

Bowhunter Challenge:
Adam Floyd

Blanket Shoot:
Richard White

Great shooting everyone! A special thanks to our secretary treasurer Lisa Hall for manning the registration desk and keeping us well organized during the event. She’ll be giving a report on the financial aspects of the shoot at our next meeting.

Thanks so much to all who came out and joined the fun of shooting traditional bows. The general consensus among the participants was that moving our shoot to an earlier date in the summer was something we should seriously consider. Hopefully, with advance notice next year, more members would be able to come join the fun!

Once again, thanks so much to all the named and unnamed workers who contributed to making this shoot a very special and memorable one. 

In gratitude, Janet Houlihan

Published by Idaho Traditional Bowhunters

Idaho Traditional Bowhunters (ITB) was founded in 1988 by John Turner and friends. ITB’s envisioned the need to promote traditional bowhunting, and raise awareness of the growing number of Idaho hunters who choose to hunt with traditional equipment. ITB has helped promote and develop some of the best state bowhunting regulations in the U.S. We hope to begin chasing a traditional only season

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