New Meadows Site Prep Completed

Many thanks to the volunteers who showed up Saturday morning to prepare the site of our upcoming traditional shoot in New Meadows! We had a great crew to mow, weed whack, and trim brush. The area looks great! The shooting courses were flagged and brush was trimmed to get ready for the 3D targets to be set up on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Lunch of sandwiches, chips and homemade strawberry rhubarb pie was served to the workers. Special thanks to Ed and Bonnie Heasley for bringing the grader to smooth the road and a big mower to clear the pasture and road ways. A shout out goes to the following participants: Ed and Bonnie Heasley, Pat Lopez, Adam Floyd, Ralph Grieninger, Dave Parks, Larry King, Mark Wood, Dave and Lisa Hall, and Bill and Janet Houlihan for taking the time to show up, pitch in and make the area ready for our shoot. You are awesome and we appreciate you!

Published by Idaho Traditional Bowhunters

Idaho Traditional Bowhunters (ITB) was founded in 1988 by John Turner and friends. ITB’s envisioned the need to promote traditional bowhunting, and raise awareness of the growing number of Idaho hunters who choose to hunt with traditional equipment. ITB has helped promote and develop some of the best state bowhunting regulations in the U.S. We hope to begin chasing a traditional only season

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