WSTR – Moyie Springs 2024

Greetings ITB Members! I am happy to announce that an agreement has been reached to engage the two active clubs in the northern region of Idaho, the Selkirk Bowhunters, under the leadership of Tim Bertling and the (Extreme) North Idaho Bowhunters, under the leadership of John Zieske, to join with our club, the Idaho Traditional Bowhunters, as the “umbrella host club” to put on this event in Moyie Springs, Idaho on Memorial Day weekend, 2024. Thanks to all of you who gave your input in this decision making process, both pro and con. It is my hope that this choice will be good for all parties involved, bringing in more membership and helping to unify our organization state wide. My visit to the site and meeting Tim Bertling on July 16, 2023 confirmed the reports I’d been hearing about the area, both from the standpoint of the courses and camping topography, and amenities available. It is beautiful! The enthusiasm, experience, and willingness of the northern clubs to partner in the organization of this shoot was very encouraging to me. Their previous success with the Father’s Day shoot (200+ shooters) gives promise to the feasibility and attractiveness of the area to draw a large number of participants. Hopefully, we can all join together to make this upcoming gathering spectacular. Please put it on your calendars for next May!

Join us for the coming Zoom meeting, August 10, 2023  6:30pm MST where will discuss details of this event and other happenings of the Idaho Traditional Bowhunters. Zoom link;  Zoom link can also be found on the ITB website.

Best regards and happy shooting!  

Janet Houlihan

Published by Idaho Traditional Bowhunters

Idaho Traditional Bowhunters (ITB) was founded in 1988 by John Turner and friends. ITB’s envisioned the need to promote traditional bowhunting, and raise awareness of the growing number of Idaho hunters who choose to hunt with traditional equipment. ITB has helped promote and develop some of the best state bowhunting regulations in the U.S. We hope to begin chasing a traditional only season

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