Fallen Archers Shoot Recap

The fallen archers shoot was held at blacks bridge, New Plymouth on March 11th,2023.  We had 57 shooters and weather was just about perfect for this time of year.  The set up the day before was a done with the wind blowing pretty good. All who helped set the shoot up thank you very much! Thanks to Dave Hall and Don Schroeder for bringing their side by sides out to help with set up. And Dave Hall for bringing out the target trailer.  Janet and Bill Houlihan stayed the night to guard the trailer and targets.  Thank you so much!  The shoot was a great success and everyone enjoyed the day.

The kid’s competition winners were.
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Pee wees
1st place Finley McDaniel -135
2nd place Alister Martin -117

1st. Landon Carman -153
2nd John Christian-142
3rd place Barrett Garner-133

1st place Quinn Carman-165
2nd place Wyatt Garner-130

WE had a brief club meeting at 12:30 P.M.  Thanks to all who all stayed after and help take down the course.  Janet’s son Casey Cogan provided chili.   It was great.  WE were done and out of there around 4:30 P.M. 

Respectfully Submitted


Lisa Hall

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