Fallen Archers Shoot: Your Vote Counts

It is with gratitude and happiness that I take the reins from Alex, our past President, and promise to do my best to drive the club forward as your new president in the coming year.  I look forward to serving the Traditional Bowhunter community and deeply appreciate your continued support. 

The upcoming shoot in New Plymouth will be an opportunity to shape the direction of the club with a member vote on 3 issues.

The 3 issues the club will be voting on at the Fallen Archers Shoot March 11 are:

     1. The date for the NMTR shoot (7/21-23) conflicts with the NALS shoot in Canada (also 7/21-23). Do we want to change the date of the NMTR shoot to an earlier date, June 30-July 2, 2023 or leave it where it’s scheduled?

     2. Do we want to participate in a 3 state combined banquet with Oregon, Washington, and Idaho next March 2024 in Pendleton, Oregon?

     3. Do we want to explore the possibility for another location for WSTR 2024 since we will be the hosts next year? Should we keep it at the New Meadows location or find another spot?

Be thinking about these issues before the vote on March 11 at Fallen Archers

Thank You!  Janet Houlihan

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