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List of Monthly/Yearly Events

A look back at 2008

Annual Wildgame Potluck
    February 24,2008

Traditional Bowhunters Expo.
    Feb 28- Mar 2, Boise, ID

Cabin Fever 3-D Shoot
    March 22, New Plymouth, ID

more info....here

Bow-bird Shoot ad Hwy 55 Litter Pickup
     April 12, Hwy. 55


Western States Traditional Rendezvous

    May 25-26, Petaluma, CA

Carp-e Diem Fun Shoot
     June 7, CJ Strike Res. More info here.

Eagle Cap Traditional Archers Rendezvous By
  The River Shoot and include a link to the
  June 14-15, 2008.  More info here.


Summer Rendezvous (Tune Up Shoot)
     August 9-10th, Garden Valley, ID


Welcome         History          Events          Contact Us/Officers          Links         Pro Shop        Newsletter